The Sound of Silence

The air smells of fish, a mix of warm and cold air. Everyone is at work. The red-backed sea eagles are taking the occasional dip in the water every now and then, catching fish. The dogs are busy chasing the crows, the fishermen are back from a fresh harvest at the sea and the Europeans bathing in the sunlit sky. 

Agonda beach, Goa, India

Even the waves are silent at this hour of the day. The sun has a sombre presence at this time of the year in a coastal region such as this. 

Even the waves know that only when everyone and everything goes silent, you can hear the heart beating louder. 

In the early hours of the morning and the late whispers of the night, the heart is the most talkative. 

The heart seems like it is riding on these tides, splashing louder and making its presence felt inside you. 

It is only then that you know your heart clearly- its desires, its longings, weepings and cryings.

The only time when you stay true to yourself. 

The only time, life spares you of work and its bondages, of life and its responsibilities, of habits and customs, of schedules and meetings. 

This is the time that you want when you feel like going on a vacation. 

Agonda beach, Goa, India

Practising the art of doing nothing.

But still, out of habit, you plan and you schedule your days and want to cover every inch of the new place in the shortest time possible.

You actually forget to let the land grow on you and shake you and make you realise what you don’t want to accept.

So you fill up your days and get too tired by the night.

And there your holiday ends and so does the silent hours.

A view from a window of my resort in Agonda beach

The longings stay, the desires kept safe, the wishes beneath your pillow and the dried tears in your eyes and that’s how you learn to live. 

Would love to have you back!

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