A spirit named God

“Religion is the opium of the people”

-Karl Marx

This statement is an ultimate truth for the world drenched in the medication called religion.

Since childhood, I have been visiting places with my parents, where I could never connect to. It is some kind of a hermitage (an ashram precisely). People in large amounts would be present, walking like herds as if towards a confirmed salvation. I had been going to different ones belonging to the same Guru as my parents call them. I would always feel drowsy while attending those and viewed them all as picnic spots till I grew up.

As I came to my senses and could fathom tentative meaning of the world, I protested. Significant amount of bruises where the outcome of not conforming to a belief I never had faith in. After incessant fights my stubborn, adamant self, won. I was blown out as an atheist.

I call myself spiritual. I believe in the religion of humanity. I raise my hands in prayer in front of a church, a mosque, a temple, a gurudwara. Precisely not because in these places resides God. It is so because inside the tranquil spaces one can easily hear ones conscience which for me is my God.

God isn’t a force to be divided into sects and fought upon. For me it dwells inside the very voice that talks to you while nobody cares to do these days. I talk to him every night, I share my day with him. He illuminates ways for me through omens, through vibes through an angel inside. One doesn’t need a coconut, a wine, a chaadar or prasaad to worship. There is an easier and profound way of conversing via heart which is economical and safe.

When I saw Pk by Rajkumar Hirani i was amazed at the kind of bravado that he showcased by releasing his ideology worldwide. More so being a resident of a country who is constantly at war because of one religion or the other. When I tried to fight on a personal level with two reluctant fundamentalists they went hostile. That day I realized what a voluptuous entity religion is. However this film PK comes as an eye opener for the religious fundamentalists who made religion but a trade. Pk’s act of not able to decipher what kind of “fee” which God would prefer for the fulfillment of his wish is a significant one. If we go deep into mythology which generated these religion, no God or Guru ever attained the divine light through a fee. It is never said that such and such guru offered this sum, this stuff or that property in order to attain his wish.

The only one way preached through them all is meditation. A way to have a conversation with God via your heart and soul as a medium. No church, no mosque, no temple was laid as a destination by them to attain divinity. These are merely the places they lived in, that today we mark as holy places. It is ironical how we adore their house, their bed, their footprints as holy and not their beliefs. It pains to see how humans loath humans for religion. How one scorns the other, kills or rejects the other because of adhering apparently to a way to attain his God.

Nobody knows whose God is the supreme one. Every religion says God is one and still they preach several Gods according to their wish. They feel their religion is right and their God is “the God”. Little do they realize that paths may differ but a destination never loses its identity. They may preach different Gods because of different language but should realize them all as the same. Christ, Guru Nanak, Shiva, allah as the same. They kill innocents and mark it as a religious war where this violence is allowed because their lord is in danger.

Sixteen years of war in Germany between Protestants and Catholics, the Holocaust between Catholics and Jews, Indo-Pak divide between Hinduism and Islam are ironically wars for preserving one’s belief and thereby protecting ‘their’ God. 

This governs terrorism which is predominantly known to uphold one kind of religious sect. It is nothing but the fear of being a minority which ones held great power. Their religious fears over their ideologies, their god is what today has taken the ugly shape of terrorism. This terrorism has its roots in religion. Fighting for their identity of God as the real one, forgetting what he said about humanity.

It is not uncommon for people around us to lead us into some kind of herd preaching the kind of God in vogue. It is for us to decide whom to follow the crowd outside or the tranquility within. Wars will vanish if some day people believed in their conscience, their inner angel named God.

“My conscience is captive to the word of God”

-Martin Luther King

Would love to have you back!

Would love to have you back

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